Logitech Trackman 1989 Trackball

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In the beginning, there's Logitech trackman, 1989.

logitech trackman 1989
Logitech trackman 1989

It has this ad, i vividly recall. I think i first saw it in MacWorld or MacUser magazine.

BYTE mag 1989-December logitech Trackman ad
BYTE mag 1989-December logitech Trackman ad. (Byte Magazine Volume 14 Number 12 )

Here is the ad's text:

Some pointing devices feel quite alien.

Not every kind of pointing device fits your kind of hand.

TrackMan is built the way you are.

When we put our minds to designing the next generation of pointing devices, we started with our hands. It turns out that thumbs have over twice the muscle and agility of other fingers, which only go up and down.

We tested dozens of prototypes. None beat the body you see before you. A trim 4.25โ€ณ x 5.25โ€ณ fully equipped with a low-inertia, lightweight ball (placed under the thumb), three buttons (under the fingers), and room to rest the hand.

TrackMan is smart, too:

adjustable from 50 to over 15,000 d.p.i. resolution (default at 300); on-the-fly ballistic driver; lots of built-in menus to speed up popular keyboard based applications. Even a shell for Lotus 1-2-3 m

Simple to install, this stationary mouse is compatible with all other top-selling mice. TrackMan is guaranteed to work with any application on a 256K IBM (or compatible) personal computer. Price? $139* complete with Satisfaction Guarantee, and 7-Days-A-Week Product Support

For further information call: 800-231-7717

In California: (800) 552-8885 In Canada: (415) 795-8500 In Europe: ++41-21-869-9656


logitech trackman 1989 7sb5g
Logitech Trackman 1989 box