Mad Catz RAT 5 Gaming Mouse

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Cyborg RAT 5 gaming mouse 2
Mad Catz RAT 5 gaming mouse. amazon
Rat 5 gaming mouse review. amazon
RAT 5 vs RAT 7
          name         thumb wheelWirelessAdjustableDPIProgrammableWeightsRechargeable
RAT 3 amazon nonono3.2k DPI (optical)nonono
RAT 5 amazon yesnoAdjustable length4k DPIyesyesno
RAT 7 amazon yesnoFully Adjustable5.6 DPIyesyesno
RAT 9 amazon yesyesFully Adjustable5.6 DPIyesyesyes

Is RAT Series Mouse Really Good?

The RAT is a nice-looking mouse, but as for real functionality, it's lack luster.

I would recommend the following instead:

Mad Catz MOUS 9 Wireless Mouse

This is their new one. Beautiful.

Cyborg MOUS 9 wireless mouse
“Mad Catz MOUS 9 Wireless Mouse for PC, Mac, and Mobile Devices” amazon

Not very good reviews on amazon. The DPI cannot be adjusted. The Bluetooth doesn't seems to work on the Mac.

Mad Catz models double-buns hairdo 2013
Mad Catz's models. At Tokyo Games Show . From left to right Amie Lynn @misshabit @VampyBitme @KayaneFR (image source)


Logitech G700s vs Mad Catz rat mouse 25501
Logitech G700s vs Mad Catz rat, size comparison

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ROCCAT Tyon Mouse

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