Mad Catz RAT 5 Gaming Mouse

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Cyborg RAT 5 gaming mouse 2
Mad Catz RAT 5 gaming mouse. Mad Catz RAT mouse
Rat 5 gaming mouse review. Mad Catz RAT mouse
RAT 5 vs RAT 7
namethumb wheelWirelessAdjustableDPIProgrammableWeightsRechargeable
RAT 3 nonono3.2k (optical)nonono
RAT 5 yesnoAdjustable length4kyesyesno
RAT 7 yesnoFully Adjustable5.6kyesyesno
RAT 9 yesyesFully Adjustable5.6kyesyesyes

Is RAT Series Mouse Really Good?

The RAT is a nice-looking mouse, but as for real functionality, it's lack luster.

Mad Catz MOUS 9 Wireless Mouse

This is their new one. Beautiful.

Cyborg MOUS 9 wireless mouse
โ€œMad Catz MOUS 9 Wireless Mouse for PC, Mac, and Mobile Devicesโ€ Buy at amazon

Not very good reviews on amazon. The DPI cannot be adjusted. The Bluetooth doesn't seems to work on the Mac.

Mad Catz models double-buns hairdo 2013
Mad Catz's models. At Tokyo Games Show . From left to right Amie Lynn @misshabit @VampyBitme @KayaneFR (image source)

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