Navy Wants Knobs and Sliders, No Touchscreen

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Physical Control Deck

helm USS Donald Cook DDG-75 z8f8c-s1470x980
Seaman Joseph Brown mans an older verison of helm controls on the bridge of USS Donald Cook (DDG-75) on July 25, 2019. US Navy Photo 5568ร—3712

Touchscreen Deck

touchscreen helm USS Dewey DDG 105 8x6zv
touchscreen helm controls on USS Dewey (DDG-105). US Navy Photo
USS John S McCain DDG-56 manual cn6wg
USS John S McCain DDG-56 manual
navy no want touchscreen 2020-08-07 Tpd9X
[Navy Reverting DDGs Back to Physical Throttles, After Fleet Rejects Touchscreen Controls By Megan Eckstein. At ]

US Navy warship collided with a oil tanker on 21 August 2017. 10 dead.

After study, the touchscreen user interface is blamed, back to physical knobs and sliders the sailer love.

USS John S McCain DDG 56 damage 9wy2v
USS John S McCain DDG 56 damage [image source 2019-08-12 ]
USS John S McCain DDG-56 2019-08-12 dm5zf
USS John S. McCain (DDG-56)

SpaceX Use Touchscreen

spaceX touchscreen Fg5j4
spaceX touchscreen

Disaster waiting to happen. Some say the touchscreen only controls non-vital functions.

spaceX touchscreen 2014-05-29 V6mtS
The touch screen interfaces with emergency manual button interface in the middle. SpaceX Dragon v2 Crew Vehicle. 2014-05-29
NASA astronaut takes manual control of SpaceX Crew Dragon for 1st time
May 30, 2020

touchscreen suck battleship 2020-08-07 23rtY
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