Razer Orbweaver Keypad

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Razer Orbweaver Keypad


Razer Orbweaver Keypad

No Onboard Memory!

There's a major problem with this keypad. Your key settings are not stored on the device!

Your key settings are stored in your computer or in Razer's “CLOUD” (CLOUD = THEIR computer) by the software Razer Synapse. (requires registration to use.)

This is very bad. This means, you can't setup this keypad and expect it to work on another computer. You'll need to install their software first.

I can't believe a company can take out the on-board memory that previous models used to have, call it a feature (Ooooh look, we have the CLOUD!), and people will eat it up.

It's a keypad. It should not REQUIRE software or drivers, for anything but the initial configuring. You should be able to plug it into anything that accepts usb keyboards, and have it function and remember all of your presets and macros. By removing on-board memory, they can no longer guarantee that it will function on everything that uses keyboards. It already fails in multiple places (Linux, Xim, etc.) …

Now, when you take it somewhere, you always have to install the software first to use it. Plus the software can and will fail. I've had it crash out at critical times while gaming, and all of a sudden all my keybinds revert to default mid-match. THANKS FOR THAT.

--Binh Vo. Source http://www.amazon.com/review/R17CM65GVZB1HA/ref=cm_cr_dp_cmt?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B00EHBKUTE&channel=detail-glance&nodeID=541966

The Orbweaver *does not* store the profile on the device, you *must* have the Synapse software installed and running to have the Orbweaver use non-default keys. —Josh B.

source http://www.amazon.com/Orbweaver-active-profile-device-buttons/forum/Fx321RD6R7Z46YY/Tx2RIUZHQZNIXZ5/1?_encoding=UTF8&asin=B00B1N07QM&cdSort=newest

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No buy.

There are lots cheaper and better ones.

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