Smith Premier Typewriter

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smith premier typewriter no1 31905
The Smith Premier №1 Typewriter.

The Smith Premier is a well-engineered, much-imitated typewriter with a full keyboard (separate keys for upper- and lower-case letters) and an understroke mechanism (it types on the bottom of the platen). Smith Premiers also feature a built-in cleaning brush for the type.

The SP #1 appeared in 1890, the #2 in 1896. In 1908 Smith Premier introduced the only full-keyboard frontstroke typewriter ever made, the #10.

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smith premier typewriter no1 51111
The Smith Premier №1 Typewriter. [image source, photo by Marcin Wichary, used with permission.]

The Smith Premier full-keyboard upstrike typewriter was built by the L.C. Smith & Brothers gun factory in Syracuse, N.Y. The inventor was Alexander Brown, who was employed by Smith.

The Smith Premier Typewriter appeared in 1890 and stands out with its beautiful relief of cattails and flowers and the columns cast into the sides of the machine (pic 4). The insides were mechanically equally impressive. In stead of the levers used on earlier machines, Brown designed his machine with cranks and rods that could be easily adjusted for optimum control.

A second model appeared in 1895, without the ornately decorated sides. Starting with the SP3 in 1901, the machine had a total of 84 keys (the SP1 and 2 had 76) and was available in different carriage widths on the models 4, 5 and 6.

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smith premier typewriter no1 right side 07863
The Smith Premier №1 Typewriter. Right side.
smith premier typewriter no1 right side 53278
The Smith Premier №1 Typewriter. Right side.
smith premier typewriter no1 left side 05892
The Smith Premier №1 Typewriter. Left side.
smith premier typewriter no1 top 14537
The Smith Premier №1 Typewriter. Top view.
smith premier typewriter no1 18833
The Smith Premier №1 Typewriter.
smith premier typewriter no1 back 40985
The Smith Premier №1 Typewriter. Back view.

The Smith Premier № 2

smith premier typewriter no 2 39345
The Smith Premier Typewriter № 2. 1894. Note, single long spacebar. [image source, photo by Marcin Wichary, used with permission.]

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