Tangent Ripple Grading Panel

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Tangent Ripple Grading Panel 98e6hu59 crop
Tangent Ripple Panel Buy at amazon

Ball diameter: 48 mm.

Tangent Ripple Review - $350 Color Surface... Should You Buy It?
Jul 1, 2016
Casey Faris

What is Color Grading?

Color grading is enhancing color in video or image.

color grading before and after
color grading, before and after
Jan 7, 2015
E3W Productions

Here is a tutorial of the β€œDavinci Resolve Lite” software, and you can get an idea why you need 3 trackballs.

Davinci Resolve Lite - Color Grading Tutorial
Aug 16, 2014

Tangent Ripple Panel Buy at amazon

They also make a full version, which sells for a few thousand dollars.

Tangent Element Bundle of Tk Mf Kb Bt Panels Buy at amazon

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