Varmilo EC Switch

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The Varmilo EC switch (EC means Electro Capacitance) , is basically a Cherry MX mechanism with Electro Capacitance on/off mechanism.

Varmilo EC Switch c7Mpk
Varmilo EC Switch
Varmilo EC switch, intro video

Keyboard with Varmilo EC Switch

Ducky MIYA Pro Sea Melody keyboard 20200130 ygxmt-s
4032ร—2268 Ducky MIYA Pro Sea Melody with Varmilo EC switches. 2020-01-30 Those dirty spots are decorative bubbles. Looks better in real life. [photo by Sezen]

Varmilo EC Ads

Varmilo keyboard ad 2019-11-04
Varmilo Sea Melody ad

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