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Linux: Set System Keyboard Layout ⌨

Do Graphical User Interface Make People Dumb? (old rant)

Good news for those of you studying the logical language lojban. Evan Rysdam has started to post a-word-a-day. Subscribe at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lojban-valsi/

you can also read my old tutorial at Xah's lojban Tutorial

i don't care who you are or what you believe, you will be categorized. —category theory

Create TeX/Math/APL Keyboard Layout (updated)

What is Mouse DPI? Does DPI Matter in Gaming? (updated)

updated. New tool added to make Mac do many of PC keyboard's keys. Mac Keyboard Software Guide (links at bottom for Linux and Microsoft Windows tools.)

linux. Here's how to set {F2, F3, F4} keys to {cut, copy, paste}, globally. Linux: Keyboard Software Guide. Thanks to [ XueFuqiao ] [ 2013-09-24 https://twitter.com/XueFuqiao ]

Q: What will Haskell's fate be in 10 years? A: like Scheme lisp today.

Best Trackballs, Xah Pick (updated)

Computing: mega vs mibi, kilo vs kibi (updated)

Advantages of Solid-State Drive vs Hard Drive (SSD vs HDD)

Top 6 Arcade Video Games of the 1980s

Programer Workflow Efficiency

Python Regex Reference (updated)

TeX — the grand daddy of syntax soup. Even worse than Perl. The TeX Pestilence: Why TeX/LaTeX Sucks (updated)

Best Unicode Fonts for Programer (updated)

Unicode Font Comparison: {Arial Unicode MS, DejaVu Sans, Lucida Sans Unicode} (updated)

Japan Unicode Art. lots additions.

lol. someone made this.

Erik Naggum lisp humor
Erik Naggum lisp humor.

Naggum was such a unusual character. I feel sorry he's gone. Death of a Troll, My Memory of Erik Naggum (1965 to 2009)

as it turned out, the image is actually made by Michael Fogus, a well-known Clojure book author. See: [Read-Eval-Print-λove By Michael Fogus. At http://replove.herokuapp.com/ , accessed on 2013-09-13 ]

TypeMatrix Keyboard (updated)

comparing 3 keypads for programer use

after spending days researching, my conclusion is that the G13 is the best.

in this digital publishing age, there are still people who cling to the format of embedded reference marks pointing to footnotes at bottom of page. Idiots. Particular pronounced among programers of the “hacker” types, who, in blogs or even email, will try to emulate the footnote format. (because these idiots think they are more educated and know what proper “academicy” format should be.)

there are now 2 new Microsoft Trackball Explorer on Buy at amazon , selling for $488 each.

from the haughty emotions of English lexicon, stylistic concerns, decipherment of grammar and idioms, linguisticality, literature and literality, and logicality.

Disorder of a Man of Letters — Xah's Belles-lettres

edict: follow!

the proper symbol for number is . The others such as # are promiscuous fscks. Unicode: Punctuations • ✓ ™

advice to Haskell folks. When {C, C++, Java, Perl} kinda idiots comes along, tell them as it is. Keep your community quality.

How to Choose a Gaming Mouse? (much update)

JavaScript is truly the first language that made functional programing popular to the masses. (not counting lisp of 1980s)

λ lambda, λ lambda, λ lambda my royal butt. The proper name is function. The proper symbol is ƒ.

Social Network Voting Systems and Their Consequences

 * in C/Java, those that use block comment /* */ but add * to
 * beginning of each line, as in ASCII art, are idiots. Code should
 * never be physically formatted.NEVER!;

all computer language style guides should be ban'd. If your lang's syntax is such it can't be auto formatted, it's shit, the likes of C.

best song of the century for hackers. Macross Plus: Sharon Apple ♪〈Information High〉 🎶