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updated: A Curious Look at Emacs One Thousand Keybindings

Emacs: Convenient Command to zip File in dired

See: Emacs: Xah Dired Mode (xah-dired.el).

Emacs Yak Shaving

ELisp: Get universal-argument

vim user is shocked!

This tweet is going around:

[ @lichray ] https://twitter.com/lichray #Vim 用户表示震惊。 RT @ErgoEmacs: Emacs: How to Copy/Cut Current Line


#Vim users are shocked! RT @ErgoEmacs: Emacs: How to Copy/Cut Current Line

Tech Geeker Dogma: Swapping Capslock Ctrl

Emacs Video Demo: forward-sexp beginning-of-defun …

David Capello [https://davidcapello.com/] demonstrates great use of {forward-sexp, backward-sexp, beginning-of-defun, end-of-defun} for coding languages with C-like syntax.

A video so funny and so educational you can't refuse! Love the music. Click on the CC to turn on English subtitle.

Comandos de programación básicos de Emacs (forward-sexp, beginning-of-defun)

David Capello uses a customized version of ErgoEmacs keybinding. Code and layout here: https://davidcapello.com/programming/keyboard-layout/

ErgoEmacs Keybinding also got a major update. Lots changes. Check it out and let me know what you think.

The Roadmap to Completely Replace Emacs Key System

updated: ELisp: How to Write Comment/Uncomment Command for a Major Mode

Xah Emacs/Elisp Tutorial Update 2012-05-18

New version of my emacs tutorial ready.

If you've bought it before, please just email to Xah@XahLee.org with subject “emacs tutorial upgrade”.

If you haven't bought it yet, you can get it for just $10. See: Buy Xah Emacs Tutorial. Currently about 350 HTML pages, about 1k pages printed.

Also, you can subscribe my emacs blog from Google Plus, facebook, twitter, or Google Reader. See: Xah Lee Feeds. Help spread the word. Thanks.

updated, bottom: Emacs's Command Frequency

updated: Emacs: Abbrev Mode by Lisp Code

updated: Emacs: Regular Expression

want to set/swap your {Ctrl Alt Meta Hyper Super ❖ Window ▤ Menu} keys in complex ways?

updated: ELisp: Create Sitemap

updated: Generate a Web Links Report with Emacs Lisp

Jon Snader has been systematically proof-reading my tutorial in past months, and providing many corrections and feedbacks. A big thank you to Jon. He is a expert in Common Lisp, Scheme Lisp, and Emacs Lisp as well, and frequently write about many interesting coding puzzles. See his blog here: irreal.org.

What is Your Least Favorite Feature of ErgoEmacs Keybinding?

of those you using ErgoEmacs keybinding, what's your favorite and least favorite feature/bug?

If you want a black background, start emacs with emacs --reverse-video. (-rv for short.)

for fun: screenshots of my Windows app icons: List of Great Software for Windows and Mac

Emacs: Change Cursor Shape and Highlight Current Line

You can change your cursor shape to a box or i-beam. Put the following in your emacs init file:

;; change cursor shape
(setq cursor-type 'box)
(setq cursor-type 'bar)

(blink-cursor-mode 1)
;; highlight current line
(global-hl-line-mode 1)

Note: on Windows, if you have Microsoft Speech Recognization on, or Screen Magnifier, then, cursor will be i-beam, and setting “cursor-type” have no effect.

updated: Linux: Set Bash Shell Prompt to Color

updated: Emacs in Microsoft Windows FAQ

updated: Emacs: Environment Variables in Emacs

emacs: improving key choices

in past few days, i made another majorish change to my emacs keybinding set.

Now personal global commands start with F5. (used to be Ctrl+l) Personal mode-specific commands start with F8. (used to be Ctrl+e) (this is on Dvorak)

the gist in the change is that i now use single key sequence instead of combination.

over the years, i gradually switched almost all my most often used commands to single key or single key sequences, instead of combo keys or combo-key sequence.

if you type a whole lot, and experiencing hand discomfort, then single key is healthier than combination keys, even if it means a fraction of second slower to reach the F keys.

working in emacs now is like hunt'n'peck. LOL

Xah's Emacs Goodies

emacs lisp tutorials update 2012-05-01

Several updates in past months: