ALPS Kanji keyboard

By Xah Lee. Date: .

This is made in year 1989.

Probably used with Morisawa MC-110, Morisawa MC-300.

ALPS CP10SJ550A Kanji keyboard yz2dz
ALPS CP10SJ550A Kanji keyboard [image source]

Total keys: 542.

The 30×16 matrix has 480 keys.

9 usuable shift keys

ALPS CP10SJ550A Kanji keyboard j6sym
ALPS CP10SJ550A Kanji keyboard j6sym [image source]
ALPS CP10SJ550A Kanji keyboard vx5j2
ALPS CP10SJ550A Kanji keyboard vx5j2 [image source]

Thousand Keys

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ALPS CP10SJ550A Kanji keyboard j6sym-s203x307
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Japan keyboards

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