Apple MacBook Butterfly Switch

By Xah Lee. Date: .

The butterfly switch keyboard. Worse design. The butterfly key switches were used in MacBook 2015, and all Mac laptops from 2016 to 2019.

problems of Apple butterfly switch keyboard:

Apple is facing massive keyboard recall and lawsuit.

MacBook 2015 butterfly switch Wjzg Xkmy
MacBook 2015 butterfly switch [2022-05-19 image source]
macbook keyboard problem 2018 05 07 7f33d
MacBook keyboard problem, the “butterfly switch” 2018-05.
[2018-05-07 image source Apple: Recall MacBook Pro w/ Defective Keyboard, Replace with DIFFERENT Working Keyboard]
Kensington Expert Mouse wireless 2017 03 26
Mac, ~2017, with butterfly switch and touchbar. Worst key switch. Kensington Expert Mouse [image source imgur ]
Filmmaker Taika Waititi slams Apple keyboards during post-Oscar interview. 2020-02

these videos show how the butterfly-switch works.

replace key and butterfly mechanism on A1707 macbook pro laptop
Nov 7, 2018
Michelle Kalogeraki
Removing and reinstalling 2015-2017 Apple MacBook Butterfly Key Caps and Mechanism for cleaning
Oct 4, 2021
Apple Pie Tech
Keycap and butterfly clip removal on Apple Retina MacBook and MacBook Pro 2016-2019
Oct 2, 2018 TheBookYard Ltd