Contour Roller Mouse

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This is a new mouse design.

contour roller mouse red 824cf crop
Contour Roller Mouse Red Contour Roller Mouse

You roll the roller and slide it left/right to control the pointer.

The 3 big buttons are left click, middle click, right click.

The 2 strip buttons are copy, paste.

The tiny button in middle changes mouse speed. Below it is scroll wheel.

Here's a video. The video is long and verbose. Just skip around.

Skip to 6m to see the product. Contour Roller Mouse

Wrist Pronation Problem

With this, you don't have to “move hand off keyboard” anymore.

Depending on how much you type, moving hand off keyboard may be a good thing, because it provides your hand muscles a break.

One issue with this device is that you may get wrist pronation problem.

keyboarding RSI forearm Pronation 33159

see Is Keyboard Tenting Important?

Older Versions

contour RollerMouse pro2
contour RollerMouse pro2 Contour Roller Mouse
contour RollerMouse Free2
contour RollerMouse Free2 Contour Roller Mouse

The difference between the pro2 and free2 is that the free2 has a open roller bar, and detacheable wrist pad, and more precision (dpi). It's also about $40 more expensive.

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tn 236x265 3m ergonomic mouse stick gnbps
Ergonomic Mouse
contour unimouse 1e0e8 s342x183
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