DIY μTRON Keyboard

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Do It Yourself μTron keyboard. Began around 2018.

diy utron keyboard 29726
DIY μTron keyboard [image source [ 2018-11-05 ]]

Total key count: 76.

diy utron keyboard bb0a0
DIY μTron keyboard [image source [ 2018-11-05 ]]
diy utron keyboard 2021-03-19
DIY μTron, with home-made electro-capacitance switches. Keyboard: micro TL Split Keyboard 18mm Rev0
Switch: NIZ EC Switch + Bit Trade One 45g Rubber Dome
Keycap: TEX ADA ABS 0.8U + TL Split Keyboard Keycap
[image source [2021-03-19 ]]
diy electro capacitance switch 2021-03-19
DIY electro-capacitance switches, NIZ EC switch with BTOs spring [image source [2021-03-19 ]]

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