Dumang DK6 Keyboard

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dumang keyboard light 8wZr9-s800
dumang keyboard with LED on 2667×1500
dumang keyboard dkXcV
dumang keyboard
dumang 20201003 PdkwK-s1000
Dumang DK6 Keyboard. Keys can be freely positioned. 5056×3792
dumang 20201003 YJGZW-s800
dumang keys 20201003 s6ZF2-s1000
Each key comes with its own boxed module. Key code electronics is boxed with each key, not on the base plate. 3792×5056
dumang key pull 20201003 dMZ2s-s1000
Magnets are strong, cannot be easily pulled off or moved. 5056×3792
dumang 20201003 NVT9W-s1000
emulating the left handed keyboard. 4991×1968
dumang diagonal 20201003 PZWkq-s1000
keys can be oriented diagonally 5056×3792
dumang bottom 20201003 W8Q74-s1000
bottom 5504×3096
dumang bottom 20201003 6kWcP-s1000
dumang bottom. tenting feet can be positioned in any of the 4 spots. 5056×3792
dumang right side 20201003 c9S2F-s1000
tenting feet 5504×3096
dumang feet 20201003 pwdkJ-s1000
feet 5504×3096
dumang eraser 20201003 JX5fd-s1000
included is a eraser rubber to clean the metal surface 5056×3792

from jamesni:

@XahLee the key units are connected together by the mother board. the board is not only for power delivery. something electrical is there in the board that makes the whole thing work together. when i press a layer-switching key, the led on the board lights up. it tells me which layer it is currently in by showing different colours.

btw, i found two big problems with Dumang DK6 recently while trying to configure it for use on mac.

one is, on mac, for any key combos to work, the keys must be on the same board, otherwise it won't work. for example, with dvorak layout, left-cmd c won't work because left-cmd is on the left board and c is on the right. this fortunately can be worked around by installing Karabiner-Elements without further configuration (told by the manufacturer. i installed it and it worked). the cause is mac handles multiple keyboards differently, for Dumang dk6 is a single board keyboard, not a keyboard with two parts split. the feature of "split" i showed last time is actually achieved by connecting two DK6 keyboards to one computer, thus two USB devices.

the other issue is similar with the first one, but happens to the layer switching keys. for example, with fn set to switching to layer 1 on left board, fn+c won't do what you'd configured it to do. this currently has no official solution yet, though there is a user solution by a power user. see the python package here https://pypi.org/project/dumang-ctrl/. the script is written for linux, but the author claims that it also works on mac. i was trying to make it work last weekend but met various errors. i'll try another day to see if it works on mac.

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2020-10-03 thanks to jamesni for photos and info.

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