X No Chord Keyboard

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xah keyboard layout v9
xah keyboard layout v9



xd75re keyboard

Someone has built a similar keyboard.

xd75re keyboard c769a
xd75re keyboard, year 2018. 〔image source https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/comments/8hb2jm/my_end_game_ortho_needs_a_new_case/

They need to have gaps around the numpad.

xd75re keyboard 6a513
xd75re keyboard aliexpress.com xd75re keyboard

dizygotic keyboard

This one, it should be straight, not bent. Because the idea with number pad in the middle, is that it should solve most of the wrist bending problem without being split or tented. Straight form makes it simpler and easy to carry. If you gonna have a bend angle a little, might as well angle all the way and not have numpad in middle idea.

dizygotic keyboard jounz 2018 03 08 49040
dizygotic keyboard, year 2018. [from reddit]


possibly add keys for {Browser, calculator, app1, app2}, and a {zoom in, zoom out} teeter knob as in Microsoft Keyboard 4000 .

Do research to find out all non-ASCII chars used in other langs. Their frequency. Consult the NEO layout [see German Ergonomic Keyboard Layouts: de-ergo, ADNW], Bépo Layout [see French Keyboard Ergonomic Layout], Portuguese: pt-Nativo etc. The goal is to create a letter layout such that it is more efficient to type frequently needed non-English letters but more efficient than any local layout, for the top 5 most popular languages.


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