Epomaker Niz Plum

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Niz Plum keyboards feature Electro-Capacitive switches. They are made by Chinese company Epomaker. [see Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms]

Niz Plum 84

niz plum 84 gR8Jj
niz plum 84 bluetooth
niz plum 84 bs29m-s800
Niz Plum 84 4596×1979 [image source https://imgur.com/7S4iij7 ]
niz plum atom66 ny4hx
Epomaker NiZ Plum Atom66/68 (68-Key) came out in 2019. Buy at amazon
niz plum x108 2020-06 gcxr9-s900
niz plum x108 4000×1824

Epomaker make a lot Niz Plum models with different layouts, different key count, and some are wireless some not. They also have many models that's using Cherry MX switch. Very confusing. Just goto their site and chose carefully there: Epomaker

Niz Plum Switch

Niz Plum switch's electronic switch mechanism is by capacitance. This means, there is no contact between electric conductors for the switch to turn on. The key does not need to hit bottom to activate.

The switch's feel came from its rubber dome, not the spring. Niz Plum switch is inspired by the Topre Switch used in Happy Hacking Keyboard. However, Niz Plum has a linear feel.

Niz Plum has a stem that is compatible with Cherry MX. So that you can buy replacement keycaps or artistic keycaps easily. [see Cute Keycaps]

niz plum switch2 nxdxb
niz plum switch
niz plum switch nrzxr-s900
switch stem 2048×1536 [ image source https://blog.maki0419.com/2020/03/niz-atom68.html ]

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