Fujitsu KBPC E, Ergosplit Keyboard

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Fujitsu KBPC E, Ergosplit Keyboard. From Japan.

ergosplit keyboard 80365
ergosplit keyboard

This keyboard, is sold by Japanese company Fujitsu as of 2017-08-05. See

The ergonomic KBPC E USB keyboard from Fujitsu sets new ergonomic standards at the workplace. Exhaustive ergonomic studies ensure optimum physiological alignment. The KBPC E USB promotes the natural positioning of the user's arms and hands, for fatigue-free use by splitting the keypad into two halves, angled at up to 30° to each other.

[2017-08-05 source]


Elaborate Adjustable Tilt Prop Mechanism

The following video demonstrates the elaborate adjustable tilt prop mechanism.

Fujitsu KBPC E USB keyboard

Typing Review

Fujitsu Siemens KBPC E / S26381-K261-L120
ergosplit keyboard ce40d
ergosplit keyboard
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