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flash drive vs spinning harddisk. which is better? which store data longer?

am thinking getting a backup drive that won't lose data after 2 years non-use.

ssd vs hdd 2019-09-14 x9xv3
ssd vs hdd 2019-09-14 x9xv3

After some research on flash drive vs hard disk, for small backup expecting to last at least 3 years, it's kinda mixed bag. No absolute say which is better. Rather, you want to shop for expensive high quality ones, either tech.

right now, i found this to be the best

i decided, am going to get this. just 500gb is enough for me. and $80. gonna use for mac. you buy too!

samsung ssd 2019 rkhj2
samsung ssd Buy at amazon

Hardware Encrypted Storage Device

Very interesting usb drive. encrypted, by hardware. Expensive though. 64gb at $130. Normal 256gb drive is $60.

iStorage datAshur drive 2019-09-12 9khx4
iStorage datAshur

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