Gateron Switches

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Gateron switches are made by Huizhou Gateron Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (惠州佳达隆电子科技有限公司), in China.

Gateron switches began to appear in USA market in 2015.

Gateron KS3, KS8, KS9 Switches

Gateron switch is a series of Cherry MX Switches compatible made by Gateron . There are KS3, KS8, KS9 series and variations. They differ in tech details, but key feel is color coded the same as Cherry MX when possible.

Gateron mechanical switches (2022-09-25)
Gateron ks3/ks8/ks9feelactuation forceactuation traveltotal travel
⬜ whitelinear35g2mm4mm
🟥 Redlinear45g2mm4mm
🟨 Yellowlinear50g2mm4mm
⬛ Blacklinear60g2mm4mm
🟫 Browntactile55g2mm4mm
🟦 Blueclicky55g2.3mm4mm
🟩 Greenclicky80g2.3mm4mm

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Zealio Switch

Zealio Switch (year ~2015) is from Gateron. It is another variant improvement of Cherry MX, smoother, less scratchy.

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