Genovation Programable Keypad

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Genovations 48 key version, 35 key version, and 24 key version. [image source]

They use Cherry MX black mechanical keys. They are linear and firm. I don't like them at all. [see Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms]

2020-09-25 friend said the genovation keypad's software is stuck in Microsoft Windows 95 era. But the hardware build is solid.

Genovation Controlpad CP24 software 67977
The software to program the keys. Powerful, but not very easy to use.
Genovation Controlpad CP24 Keypad 19147
Genovation Controlpad CP24 Keypad

24 programable Cherry MX black mechanical keys.

Video Review

The video review is long, just skip around.

MACRO MASTER // Genovation ControlPad CP48 Review
Feb 14, 2016

This guys works with video. He shows you what he do with all those keys.

Tour of My 48-Key Fully-Programmed Adobe CC Macro Keypad // Genovation ControlPad CP48 Follow-Up
Apr 18, 2016

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