HAVIT Keyboard

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HAVIT Keyboard came out around 2017-08. This is first or one of the first keyboard with thin mechanical switches.

havit keyboard 20210307 s50
havit keyboard 20210307

Total key count: 104

kinesis havit 2018 6dqzv s1732x1299
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Fn+F6 to F11
Select predefined color light patterns.
Create/save custom light up of keys for F1 to F5.
Fn+F1 to F5
Select custom backlight. (light up user's choice of keys.)
Reset factory light setting.
havit ultra thin mech kbd 2019-10-13 q9hhh-s
back light
Havit keyboard modifiers 20200721
Havit keyboard modifiers keys
Havit keyboard back 20200721 4ngYt
Havit keyboard backspace key
Havit keyboard spacebar 20200721 XHw4R
Havit keyboard spacebar

Video Review

HAVIT Keyboard, numerical keypad, neo layout, layers=bad, math/emoji input 2019-10-17

Choc Switch

Uses kailh blue choc switch.

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