Kailh Choc Switch

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This became around 2016, and became very popular around 2019.

It is a low-profile switch. Actuation travel is 1.5 mm. They have different models that are {linear, tactile, clicky}.

Logitech G915 swich 4rjgr
Kailh Choc Switch. Tactile, clicky, linear
kailh choc switch 7n3wg
Kailh Choc Switch
Kailh Choc Switch
Teardown - New Kailh Cherry ML-type keyboard switches!
Dec 10, 2016

Choc Switch Spec

kailh choc switch chart 2020-07-22 jJHnp
kailh choc switch chart 2020-07-22

Keyboards Using Choc Switch

For example

logitech g915 52yb6-s450x139
Logitech G815/G915
gergo keyboard 20200121 zgxyd-s353x177
Gergo 50

Kailh Choc V2 Switch

The Kailh Choc V2 Switch came out on 2020-03. It is a low-profile switch with a Cherry MX compatible stem. (so that keycaps for Cherry MX can be used.) [see Cute Keycaps]

kailh choc v2 switch 2020-05-22 vdcpj
kailh choc v2 switch

Key Switch Topic

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