Kailh Choc Switch

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This became around 2016, and became very popular around 2019.

It is a low-profile switch. Actuation travel is 1.5 mm. They have different models that are {linear, tactile, clicky}.

Logitech G915 swich 4rjgr
Kailh Choc Switch. Tactile, clicky, linear
kailh choc switch 7n3wg
Kailh Choc Switch
Kailh Choc Switch

Kailh Choc Switch teardown

Teardown - New Kailh Cherry ML-type keyboard switches!
Dec 10, 2016
Teardown - New Kailh switches!
Aug 8, 2017

Choc Switch Spec

Heavy Choc Switches

kailh choc switch chart 2020-07-22 jJHnp
kailh choc switch chart 2020-07-22

Note: Choc red is 50g. Cherry MX Red is 45g.

Linear Light Choc Switches

You can buy light choc switches from mkultra at https://mkultra.click/choc-switches

ColorTypeActuation ForceActuation TravelTotal Travel
White ⬜Clicky60±10gf1.5±0.5mm3.0±0.5mm
Brown 🟫Tactile60±10gf1.5±0.5mm3.0±0.5mm
Red 🟥Linear50±10gf1.5±0.5mm3.0±0.5mm
Black ⬛Linear60±10gf1.5±0.5mm3.0±0.5mm
Pro Red 🟥Linear35±10gf1.5±0.5mm3.0±0.5mm

* The Pink switch is a recolor of the Light Blue (gChoc) switch. The light blue (gChoc) switch is no longer being manufactured.

Mkultra Choc Switch Tester

mkultra choc switch tester 20230204
mkultra choc switch tester 20230204 https://mkultra.click/choc-switches

Keyboards Using Choc Switch

For example

Keycaps for Choc V1 Switch

see also Glove80 Keyboard

Kailh Choc V2 Switch

The Kailh Choc V2 Switch came out on 2020-03. It is a low-profile switch with a Cherry MX compatible stem. (so that keycaps for Cherry MX can be used.) [see Cute Keycaps]

kailh choc v2 switch 2020-05-22 vdcpj
kailh choc v2 switch

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