Hi-Tek 725 Switch (Space Invader Switch)

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hi-tek tactile n linear y7ZQ5
left: hi-tek tactile
right: hi-tek linear
[image source https://deskthority.net/wiki/File:Hi-Tek_Tactile_(Left)_vs_Hi-Tek_Linear_(Right)_-_Complete.jpg]

Hi-Tek Series 725 was Hi-Tek Corporation's DIN-compliant keyboard series, introduced in 1983; the name refers to how these keyboards are a maximum of 0.725β€³ from the desk surface.[1] β€œSeries 725” also refers to the switches used in these keyboards.

2018-09-26 from https://deskthority.net/wiki/Hi-Tek_Series_725

Hi-Tek 725 Key Switch is used in Revision A of Symbolics keyboard PN 365407

Hi-Tek 725 keyboard review REDUX (linear Space Invaders)
Oct 14, 2017

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