Cute Keycaps

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paw 3d keycap 62445
paw and gnaw [image source imgur ]
rice bowl keycaps f65pb-s924x693
2048×1536 rice bowl keycaps
keycap mushroom noxious trap 27653
mushroom keycap. It's “Noxious Trap” character from game League of Legends. [image source reddit, by caethiel. 2017-02-24]
keyboard keycap buddha hand fae6bb77-s
“You Stop Here.” the palm of Gautama Buddha (如来掌). “You stop here.” 3444×1932 [image source ]

in the legend of far east, there's this character Monkey King in Journey to the West (西游记) , who is unstoppable. He is stopped by Gautama Buddha.

lion head keycap 90855 s
lion head keycap 3264×2448 [image source reddit ]
keycap pangolin 2017 02 24
pangolian keycap. [image source reddit, by nekocaps, 2017-02-23]
snap turtle keycaps 2016 12 29 s
snap turtle keycaps 2016-12-29 2222×1600 [image source reddit ]
oasis 8bits keycap 199a1-s1039x1386
oasis 8bits keycap
steampunk 3d gears 9516f
steampunk 3d gears 9516f [source]
Steampunk 3D working gears keycap
keyboard keycap pumpkin jack o lantern e9822478
pumpkin jack o lantern keycap. 〔from〕
man brain keycap 20191130 279dx
man brain keycap 20191130 279dx [image source]


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