Lime40 Keyboard

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Lime40 Keyboard, home made by Japan people. Came out in 2019. It is especially designed for smaller hands.

lime40 keyboard 2019-11-30 fdxmb
lime40 keyboard 2019-11-30 fdxmb [image source]

Total keys: 46. Each hand 23 keys.

lime40 keyboard qjd4d
lime40 keyboard qjd4d [image source twitter keyboard_yukari]

It seems to me, the thumb keys are too low.

[source twitter eucalyn_]

lime40 keyboard with wheel

lime40 keyboard wheel 2021-02-07-s850
lime40 keyboard with wheel 2021-02-07 1695×937 [image source]
lime40 keyboard with wheel 2021-02-07

Where to Buy

Am not sure, the site is all Japanese. The creator is eucalyn. Here's his sites:

If you have a question, put $5 at patreon and message me.