Logitech G300 Gaming Mouse (Discontinued)

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Logitech G300 gaming mouse is discontinued as of .

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“Logitech G300 Gaming Mouse” amazon


This mouse is on the small side, good for people with small hands.

This mouse is not expensive. About $35. Compare this one to CM Storm Recon Mouse.

What's nice about this is that it's got 6 USABLE custom buttons. That's the buttons all on top of the mouse. By USABLE, i mean easy access, and excluding standard ones such as {left, middle, right} buttons.

Logitech G300 Gaming Mouse Review. amazon

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Linux Config

On Linux, you need to run this script to get it to work.

G300_XINPUT_ID=$(xinput list | egrep --color=never "G300.*keyboard" | sed -r 's/.*id=([0-9]+).*/\1/')
xinput set-mode ${G300_XINPUT_ID} RELATIVE


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