Cooler Master Storm Recon Mouse

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CM Storm Recon mouse. amazon

this is a excellent symmetrically shaped mouse.


This mouse is on the small side, good for people with small hands. It's also symmetric. (what the gaming industry term “ambidextrous” (which means people good with both left and right hands.))

This mouse is not expensive. About $35.

What's nice about this is that it's got 6 USABLE custom buttons. 2 on left, 2 on right, and 2 below the wheel. By USABLE, i mean easy access, and excluding standard ones such as {left, middle, right} buttons.

Cooler Master Storm Recon Gaming Mouse Review. amazon
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CM Storm Recon mouse. amazon
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CM Storm Recon mouse. amazon

CM Recon vs Logitech G300

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Logitech G300 Gaming Mouse Review. amazon

The price and features is very similar to Logitech G300 Gaming Mouse.

Compare this to the Logitech G300, i think CM Recon got the edge, because:

Of the buttons, the Recon got 2 buttons on each side, while G300 got them all on top. For the thumb, the side ones are much easier to press, but not on the other side. This means, 2 buttons on Recon is much easier to press, while the other 2 on the other side will become rarely used.

On the G300, all 4 buttons can be used. 2 of them is less easier to press than Recon, but the other 2 easier than Recon.

Overall, i think Recon win slightly on buttons, because, 80% of time you'll be using just 20% of all the buttons. So, the 2 thumb buttons on the Recon win.

For the mouse wheel, Recon wins hands down, because it's got large wheel, plus, it's got tilt. The G300's wheel sucks. The wheel is one of the things on mouse you use 90% of the time. Maybe not so much in gaming, but in normal web page scroll. It'd suck if you have to use a lousy wheel.

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