CM Storm Recon Mouse

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CM Storm Recon Mouse came out around October, 2012.

This is the worst mouse in the universe.

CM Recon mouse 2015 556
CM Recon mouse 2015

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CM Storm Recon mouse. Symmetric. 2 side buttons on both sides.



Major Problem: Side Buttons Bad Clicks

The side buttons, makes a audible “click” when you press it.

However, when you hear click, it does not always register.

This is the most annoying problem in a mouse.

This only happens on the side buttons.

Mouse Wheel

The mouse wheel is bit stiff. That is, strong Resistance.

You can't scroll without holding the mouse. Else, the mouse will move.

Wheel does not have tilt left/right.

It's a notched wheel.

Shape and Comfort

The mouse is relatively small.

I'm Asian, small hands, finger-tip grip user. Suites me well.


109 grams.

[see Mouse Weight Comparison]

On-Board Memory: Yes

Your key settings are stored in the device. That means, you can setup up keys once, and use this mouse in any computer. Nice. I use it in Linux.


The mouse software (for Microsoft Windows) is badly designed. It works, but the user interface design is extremly bad. You have to spend a lot time to see what each panel do and trial-n-error. For example, to set a button to do Ctrl+c, you need first to goto the macros panel, record it, then back to the buttons panel, select the button, then checkbox the macros so see macros selection. Then, in the end, you have to click “APPLY” button.

Logitech's Gaming Mouse software is far better. See: Logitech's G700/G700s Gaming Mouse .

cm storm recon driver 1
CM Storm Recon mouse software

The profiles feature is very very confusing. After several retries, i end up simply using 1 single profile.

Recon tries to make the User Interface looking like a sci-fi stuff, but ends up extremely confusing. For example, in the macro panel, there's a button marked X. I wasn't sure if that's deleting the macro or what. It turns out to delete a step in the macro.

Tracking Sensor Setup

cm storm recon driver 2
CM Storm Recon mouse software

You have 4 choices of DPI: {800, 1600, 3200, 4000}. You cannot set DPI in between these numbers.

I want 1200 DPI, but can't.

The “LOD” is lift-off-distance. It controls how much when you lift the mouse the sensor stops checking. In general, it's not important, unless you are a professional First-person-shooter gamer.

The USB means USB polling rate. For what it means, see: What is Mouse DPI? Does DPI Matter? .

I set my DPI to 1600, and just one single DPI. No multiple DPI (since i don't play FPS games now). My polling rate is 125, and LOD is whatever default.

Key Macros

cm storm recon driver 4
CM Storm Recon mouse software. Macro recording panel.

In Logitech's software for example, simple macros such as copy (Ctrl+c) paste (Ctrl+v) and others are buildin. You simply select it.

But the Recon software, you have to actually record Ctrl+c for yourself, name it, before you can set a button to do that.

LED Color

cm storm recon driver 3
CM Storm Recon mouse software. LED color setup.

The setting for LED coloring is simple enough. The LED are at the wheel, the 2 buttons next to wheel, and the logo.

Each of these area can have its own color.

Brightness can be adjusted, or completly turned off.

It has a “rapid fire” effect, but that never worked for me.

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CM Recon mouse 2015 box cover open
CM Storm Recon mouse. Buy at amazon


I do not recommend CM Storm Recon, because:


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