Optimus Maximus keyboard

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Optimus Maximus keyboard

The Optimus Maximus was announced in 2005, and finally came out in 2008.

It's sold out, and is not going to be made again.

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Optimus Maximus keyboard.

The display are not just simplistic LEDs. They can even display video. Each key features a 48ร—48 pixels display, updated 10 times per second.

Effectively, the key labels are dynamic and can change, great if you are a heavy key macros user (programer and gamer). Unfortunately, there are many practical problems. Not ergonomic.

Optimus Maximus Keyboard from ThinkGeek
Apr 22, 2008

How much? $2600. It's art!

Optimus Popularis Keyboard

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Optimus Popularis keyboard
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Optimus Popularis keyboard
Optimus Popularis, Optimus Aux

Optimus Aux keyboard

This is not available yet, as of .

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Optimus Aux keypad. Not out yet.

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