mid layout solution to firmware layout vs operating system layout problem

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dvorak firmware vs operating system problem

One issue with programable keyboard/mouse is that, some of your computers do not have programable keyboard, so on that computer you have to use dvorak layout from operating system. But then, your mouse custom keys no longer works, because the operating system remaps them.

A solution is, set your mouse to f1 f2 etc keys that are not effected by switching to dvorak. Then, on your operating system, make those F1 F2 etc keys send the desired keys via a operating system based keyboard software. you have F1 to F24 to work with. They are standard part of USB.

The problem with this approach is that, now your mouse custom buttons no longer works on any computer, doesn't matter it's qwerty or dvorak. The computer must have specific key remap.

In the end, i no think it's worth the trouble. Best to always use a hardware-dvorak.

standardize mid-layer remap

once you decided to have a mid-layer remap, you need to standardize it. else you forgot which key does what.

here's my draft notes.

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