Microsoft Touch Mouse

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Microsoft's got new mouses, Touch Mouse. This came out in January , 2011.


Microsoft touch mouse artist edition 1
“Microsoft Touch Mouse artist edition” Buy at amazon
Microsoft touch mouse artist edition 3
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Very BAD reviews at amazon.

Microsoft touch mouse artist edition 2
“Microsoft Touch Mouse artist edition”. Buy at amazon

Requires Windows 7 or 8.

Microsoft Touch Mouse - Review. (Uploaded by zollotech on Nov 18, 2011)

Works on the Mac too; no special software required. But as of , there is no special software, so the 2 finger gesture, or 3 fingure and thumb, doesn't work.

The artist version is a limited edition. Normal version is black Buy at amazon

Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse

This came out in 2012-01.

Microsoft sculpt touch mouse 32777
“Microsoft sculpt touch mouse” Buy at amazon

The “Sculpt Touch Mouse” is like a traditional mouse except the scroll wheel is replaced by a touch-bar. The touch-bar can also scroll sideways.

Bad reviews on amazon.

Microsoft Explorer Touch Mouse

Microsoft Explorer Touch Mouse came out in July 2011.

The “Explorer Touch Mouse” is like the “Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse”, just different shape.

Microsoft touch mouse 33924
Microsoft touch mouse 33924 Buy at amazon
Microsoft touch mouse 63575
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If you are on the go, there's also Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse and “Wedge Touch Mouse” Buy at amazon, but i don't recommend them.

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