Best Mouse for Programers

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After geeking about mouses in the past 5 years, here's few i consider the best, for programers.

Note, if you are on linux, it's essential to get a mouse with spin wheel. [see Mouse with Spin Wheel]

Logitech MX Master

logitech mx master wireless mouse-s238x262
Logitech MX Master

Great features about this mouse are:

Logitech G602

Logitech G602 mouse-s284x220
Logitech G602

11 butons, nice, with battery life that's some 250 hours.

The flaw is that it doesn't have wheel that spins.

Logitech G502

logitech g502 201811 092-3-s316x198

My current. Spin wheel is super nice.

Logitech G600

Logitech G600 mouse 2-s295x212
Logitech G600

This one, is superb. I currently use. Many buttons, each one is mapped to some command, so i don't have to switch to keyboard just to copy/past or resize window or stuff.

Though, it's not ergonomic to press these buttons all day for years.

If you have fat thumb, this is not for you.

See also: Programable Keypads

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