NEC PC8001

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Year 1979

nec pc8001 mk2 a72f9
[image source] NEC PC8001 MK2

The PC-8000 series was a line of personal computers developed for the Japanese market by NEC. The PC-8001 model was also sold in the United States [4] and in the UK as the PC-8001A.[5] Contents

PC-8001 Advert in ASCII June 1979. “A dramatic story with the computer will begin. The Personal Computer comes out from NEC.”

The first member of the PC-8000 series, the PC-8001 was first introduced on May 9, 1979,[6] and went on sale September 1979 for ¥168,000.[1][2] Its design combined the keyboard and the mainboard into a single unit. At a time when most micro-computers were sold as “semi-kits” requiring end user assembly, the fully assembled PC-8001 was a rarity in the market. Peripherals included a printer, a cassette tape storage unit, and a CRT interface. Although it is often believed to be the first domestically produced personal computer for the Japanese market, in reality it was preceded by the Hitachi Basic Master.

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NEC PC8001 c50c4
NEC PC8001 [image source]

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