qwpr Keyboard Layout

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another, new, keyboard layout, the qwpr layout.

[Jameson Quinn https://plus.google.com/116662972767974604432/posts] send me his layout. This layout is similar to QWERTY, only 11 letter key changed.

qwpr keyboard layout by Jameson Quinn 3
the qwpr layout, and some of its layers.
qwpr keyboard layout by Jameson Quinn
qwpr keyboard layout, showing changed keys from QWERTY. (red for keys that change fingers and purple for those which move but say on the same fingers)

note: Colemak moved 17 keys.

one interesting feature of qwpr layout is that it incorporates navigation keys ( ) and also Tab and Return in one of the layer. Also, it lets you type many language chars (For example, é ü ñ …) and Unicode symbols.

qwpr layout homepage at http://sourceforge.net/p/qwpr/wiki/Home/

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