Romer-G Switch

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Logitech invented Romer-G switch in 2015.

Romer G key switch 41681
Romer-G key switch
Romer G key switch 06133
Romer-G key switch
Romer-G key switch keycaps 59a11
Romer-G key switch keycaps

As of 2018-09, there are 2 variants.


Romer-G video review

Logitech G413 Carbon keyboard review (Romer-G) by Chyrosran22

Romer-G Switch Robotics Factory

Robotic Arms Making Logitech Romer-G Switch

Keyboards Using Romer-G

Romer-G key switch is used by Logitech, e.g.

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