Valve Steam Controller

By Xah Lee. Date:

This is new, just came out in November 2015, and is a best seller on amazon.

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Steam Controller. Buy at amazon

Interesting feature is that it has 2 touchpads, plus a joystick. It screws traditional design of 2 joysticks and 1 directional-pad.

Here's a list of the main features.

Steam Controller Review, by OMGchad. Buy at amazon

This thing is designed to be compatible for PC, for any {Windows, Mac, Linux}.

Touchpad Features

The touchpads can be set to different things:

Wireless Features

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Steam Controller. Buy at amazon

Replacement of Mouse? or for Gaming?

I'm looking at this thing as a general input device, not just for games. As a general input device, i think it's fantastic, because it's got touchpads AND joystick in one. For controlling a computer, i think no device comes close.

You can setup this device to control, for example:

Or, customized bindings, for Photoshop, drawing software, 3D modeling software, Google Earth, etc.

For gamers, you probably won't like it. Either go with a keyboard + mouse, or, traditional controller. Many gamer's reviews simply said you couldn't aim well with the trackpad.

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Steam Controller. Buy at amazon

Real World Use

Here's a video of a funny gamer, reviewing the thing, and showing how it works in different kind of games.

Steam Controller! on Multiple Genres. Buy at amazon

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