Valve Steam Trackball Controller

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

This is the trackball controller prototype by Valve, dated .

valve trackball controller prototype 85120
Valve trackball controller prototype . [image source ]

It was hyped back in 2013, as gamer wanted a input device that can have variable random speed, such as mouse or trackball.

valve controller prototypes 94862
valve controller prototypes. [image source ]

Valve ended up with a trackpad instead. See:

Steam controller gamepad 91670
Valve Steam Controller

They said trackpad allowed much more possibilities in configuration, for all sort of games that require novel inputs.

But i think that's a bad choice. Because:

One practical problem with trackball is food crumbs. People will be eating potato chips on the couch, and lots trackballs will become nasty.

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