Vertical Gaming Mouse

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Amazing. This came out in 2019-07.

TRELC Ergonomic Gaming Mouse with joystick. 10000 DPI/11 Programmable Buttons.

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TRELC Ergonomic Mouse
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The best thing is the programable rocker with buildin memory.

I think this would be the best programer's mouse. All 11 buttons (counting the rocker) can be programed.

The thumb joy stick isn't in good quality. It is not a analog stick. It is like a Direction pad. You have to nudge it all the way to activate. It also can be pushed down. The quality is nowhere near a the thumb stick on a real gaming pad. Also, it's hard to reach. So, this most salient feature, turns out isn't so great.


Too bad. Bad reviews on amazon. Cheaply made. The joystick is too stiff. And this thing is not good for small hands.

A review by Infu:

Basically agreeing with what you said there

As a vertical mouse it feels comfortable to grip and use for prolonged time, and has attractive lightning that you can adjust and put some colourful eye-candy on your desk while staying tactful (it's more of a nice lavalamp to watch rather than mad rainbow vomit some RGB keyboards go for) I'm sure it's pretty much default for vertical mice, but this model really doesn't like to be used by other hand!

I think this joystick mouse in general is a brilliant idea but poor execution - multi functional joystick is placed in not comfortable place for the thumb, and its pretty easy to accidentally move it in wrong direction, or while trying to press joystick button down - leaving an impression on you that it's not a godsent mouse for ergomaniacs, and joystick is more of a nice gimmick.

backward/forward buttons are another letdown, probably bigger than joystick one: Your thumb would naturally rest above them in the gap mouse provides, or probably closer to the joystick - unfortunately buttons are simply to far away for easy access, and I had to shift my entire hand to reach those buttons.

also no idea if that was just my particular model, or some silly design flaw, but when I was pressing down the left-mouse-button and tried to use scroll, they were actually hitting into each other, making the scrolling hard - the easy "fix" to it was to try press the left side of the button and they shouldn't collide (though it's not naturally where your finger wants to sit), but it's definitely silly problem to have.

Unfortunately, it's one of few vertical mice actually having more than few buttons, which puts the mouse in awkward situation, as it indeed has extra functionality and looks nice - both joystick and buttons were selling point for me, as I wanted to have mouse with plenty buttons, in the end I did not use them much, apart from casual browser combo or additional copy/paste button.