X-Bows Keyboard Unboxing

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Here is first day unboxing experience. In-depth review coming this week.

[full review is out, see X-Bows Keyboard]

x bows keyboard 14641
Comes in a quality box.
x bows keyboard box 24489
The box is made of textured paper

the Keyboard

x-bows keyboard top 26650
x-bows keyboard

Some first impressions:

• Note the gaps between columns.

• The pinky column, is vertically offset to a lower position.

• Huge Alt Space keys, 2 on each side. Great.

• Big Ctrl Shift keys, in middle.

• Full physical function keys F1 to F12, in groups of 4. Nice.

• Extra Ctrl key at corners, as the traditional location for control key.

Open Key Design

x-bows keyboard angle view 21245
x-bows keyboard angle view

Stylish open key design, like a box of chocolates on a plate.

Weight and Built

x-bows keyboard top angle 29841
Note the shiny beveled edge. It's polished aluminum edge reflecting light.

Weights 0.8 kg. (1.76 pounds) Rather light

The keyboard frame is aluminum alloy.

Physical Function Keys and Arrow Keys

x-bows keyboard right close 35396
Physical arrow keys and page up/down keys.

• Physical arrow keys. Nice!

• Physical PageUp PageDown. Nice.

• There are 2 Enter keys, one in the middle, and one on the right side traditional position.

Key Layer

x-bows keyboard center 09749
• Note the arrows printed on the E S D F keys. That means, you can hold a thumb key and left hand becomes arrows.


x-bows keyboard back 36829
x-bows keyboard back. Real quality. 5 anti-slide rubber feet, and 2 prop-up legs if you want it. The legs also have rubber ends.

Close Ups

x-bows keyboard left 02779
x-bows keyboard left 02779
x bows keyboard right 39274
x bows keyboard


x-bows keyboard 56625
Quality keycaps. PC+ABS plastic with two-colour injection molding.

The keycap material is PC+ABS plastic, with two-colour injection molding, for the pale-white key labels that the LED lights will shine thru.

This is the best tech. It means, the key labels will never wear off.

Full Review

2017-10-14, see X-Bows Keyboard

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Thanks to x-bows for sending me one for review.