WolframLang: List Functions, Find Function

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List Functions

(short syntax: ?*String*)

Show a clickable list of function names that contain “String”.


WolframLang Information 2022-06-03
WolframLang Information
return a list of function names that contain “String”. Each element is a string.


WolframLang Names 2022-06-03
WolframLang Names

Calling Function is the Essence of Coding WolframLang

Coding in WolframLang is essentially just about calling functions, nothing else. There is no “statements”. Everything is an expression. You change the expression by calling a function on it and get the return value. Even the typical assignment such as x = 3, is actally calling a function (Set[x,3]). Any function returns a value. For example, Set[x,3] returns 3. Any software written in WolframLang, the entire source code, is one nested sequence of function calls.

It's essential to be able to find the function you want.

All WolframLang's function names are long and descriptive.

WolframLang Function Help