Get Wolfram Language Free

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Two ways get Mathematica/WolframLang free.

Wolfram Engine

Wolfram Engine
Lets you run WolframLang code. It also comes with WolframScript.
A command line interface to Wolfram Engine. Runs in terminal.
Is roughly Wolfram Engine + Notebook interface. (also comes with WolframScript.)

Wolfram Engine does not produce Graphics output. If you want graphics, install and configure Wolfram Language kernel for Jupyter notebooks [2021-06-03 ]

Wolfram Engine is Bundled with Raspberry Pi

raspberry pi kit 2021-06-03
Raspberry Pi Kit

Buy Mathematica

Or, just buy it. Cheap for student or hobbist. I recommend it as life time investment.

WolframLang Tutorial