WolframLang: String Replace

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Replace by Position Range


replace string by position range.


StringReplacePart[ "abcdef", "xx", {1,4}]
(* "xxef" *)

Replace by String Pattern

StringReplace[ str , findStr -> replaceStr]

replace string.

the findStr can be a pattern, represented by Regular Expression or String Expression


StringReplace[ "some dogs" , "dog" -> "cat"]
(* "some cats" *)
(* replace letter prefixed digits by x prefix *)

StringReplace[ "good g935 m66 z024 m12 g904 q08",
 RegularExpression["[a-z](\\d+)"] -> "x$1"

(* good x935 x66 x024 x12 x904 x08 *)
StringReplace[ str , listOfPairs]

Replace multiple pairs of strings. Replacement does not depend on previous replacement.

(* replace multiple pairs of strings. replacement does not depend on previous replacement. *)

StringReplace["abc", {"a"->"x", "b"->"y", "x"->"H"}]
(* xyc *)

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