Wolfram Language Clones

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Here's some projects that tries to implement Wolfram Language in other programing languages.


Expreduce by Cory Walker [2018-11-28 https://github.com/corywalker/expreduce ]

It implements basic Wolfram Language in golang. [see Golang Tutorial]


here's another project that emulates Wolfram Language. This one, actually from a Wolfram employee Jan Pöschko, writen in mostly python.


Mathics is a free, open-source general-purpose computer algebra system featuring Mathematica-compatible syntax and functions. It is backed by highly extensible Python code, relying on SymPy for most mathematical tasks.

Mathics 2021-03-11
Mathics 2021-03-11
mathics 2021-03-11 hctkP
mathics 2021-03-11


This one is one of the oldest, from at least 2002 i think. The project name changed several times. It was known as MathEclipse, and before that something else i forgot. Written in Java. The project's home page also changed several times over the decades. Written by Axel Kramer. (i don't recall if he is the original author or new coder that took over.)

Symja https://bitbucket.org/axelclk/symja_android_library/wiki/Home [2021-03-26 https://github.com/axkr/symja_android_library ]

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