Elisp: Block of Expression (progn)

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Sometimes you need to group several expressions together as one single expression. This can be done with progn.

  (message "a")
  (message "b"))

;; is equivalent to
(message "a")
(message "b")

The purpose of (progn …) is similar to a block of code {…} in C-like languages. It is used to group together a bunch of expressions into one single parenthesized expression. Most of the time it's used inside “if”.

(if something
    (progn ; true
      ;; code here
  (progn ; else
    ;; code here

progn returns the last expression in its body.

(progn 3 4 ) ; 4

Sequencing (ELISP Manual)

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