Emacs Lisp: String Functions

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Here is a complete list of string functions.

Basic String Functions

(length SEQUENCE)
Return the length of vector, list or string SEQUENCE.
(length "abc")
;; 3
(substring STRING &optional FROM TO)
return a substring from position FROM to TO. Position start at 0. By default, TO is to end of string, if omitted. FROM is 0. If negative, count from right.
(substring "abc123" 0 3)
;; "abc"
(concat &rest SEQUENCES)
Concatenate all the arguments and make the result a string.
(concat "some" "thing")
(split-string STRING &optional SEPARATORS OMIT-NULLS TRIM)
Split STRING into substrings bounded by matches for SEPARATORS.
;; split string into parts, returns a list
(split-string "xy_007_cat" "_")

String To/From Number

Buffer Text to String

String to Buffer

Match String by Regex


[see Emacs Lisp: Regex Functions]

Get Regex Captured String


[see Emacs Lisp: Match Data (Regex Result)]

Regex Replace in String


[see Emacs Lisp: Regex Functions]

Trim String and Others

These are new in Emacs 24.4 (released 2014-10).

To use the following, you need to first:

(require 'subr-x)

(info "(elisp) Strings and Characters")

String Functions Reference

Here's a complete list of string functions for reference.

(info "(elisp) Predicates-for-Strings")

(info "(elisp) Creating-Strings")

(info "(elisp) Modifying-Strings")

(info "(elisp) Text-Comparison")

(info "(elisp) Text-Comparison")

(info "(elisp) Case-Conversion")

(info "(elisp) Case-Tables")

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