Xah Web Dev Blog Archive 2015-03

CSS: HSL Color (major update)

SVG: Coordinate Transformation (updated with combined transformation)

the controversy of html5 「figcaption」 tag

What is good design? HTML5 has figure and figcaption. By spec, the figcaption must be first or last child of figure element.

[see HTML: Figure Tag]

now, controversy! see https://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/show_bug.cgi?id=12835

Google Chrome still doesn't support CSS animation, in the year of our load 2015 CSS: Animation

SVG: Basic Examples (minor update)

CSS: Units (major update)

CSS: Text Shadow (minor update)

CSS: Selector Tutorial. updated, for CSS beginner.

CSS: Round Corners (major update)

Snopes Runs Spam

Cleaned up index page: Xah Web Dev Tutorials

Canvas vs SVG (repost)

DOM: NodeList vs HTMLCollection (minor update)

DOM: Difference Between textContent, innerHTML, innerText, nodeValue (added examples. On its own page.)

Get Cookie, Set Cookie (minor update)

Web Storage (minor update)

DOM: Add/Remove Event Handler (minor update)

DOM: What Does Live Object Mean? (minor update)

DOM: List/Add/Remove Class Attribute (new)

DOM: Navigate DOM Tree (major rewrite)

How to Create Tooltip (better JavaScript code)

Format Number

Now, JavaScript tutorial and DOM scripting tutorial have separate index pages.

DOM: Change Element's Content (updated)

Stopwatch (complete rewrite)

Allowed Characters in Identifier (minor update)

DOM: Remove HTML Element (added a functional programing technique to eliminate variables.)

DOM: Create/Insert HTML Element (minor update)

DOM: Change CSS (minor update)

Digital Clock (minor update)

Pop-up New Window (minor update)

Image Rollover (minor update)