HTML: Figure Tag

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figure tag is used for including figures as in a book. It can be {illustration, image, photo, video, animation, table, code example, …}.

figcaption tag must used inside figure, as first or last item. It is for figure caption.

Here is a example of figure and figcaption:

mermaid monster tail Hans Arnold
mermaid monster tail Hans Arnold

Here is the HTML code:

<img src="i/mermaid_monster_tail_Hans_Arnold.png" alt="mermaid monster tail Hans Arnold" width="1600" height="996" />
mermaid monster tail Hans Arnold

Warning: the figcaption tag must be the first or last child of the figure tag.

Browser Support

As of , all major browsers support it.

As of Safari (5.0.4) and Opera (11.01) don't support it. Google Chrome (10.0.648.151), Firefox 4.0, IE9, all support it.

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