HTML5 “address” Tag

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

The address tag is for contact info of the article author or page's owner. Use it like this:

Contact <a href="../jane_lee.html">Jane Lee</a>.

The address tag can contain author email or author street address. For example:

Write to Jane at <a href=""></a>.

The main thing is that it marks up a contact info of the article. There's no strict structure of what content inside “address” tag should be. Also, the “address” tag is often conveniently placed inside “header” or “footer” tags. [see HTML5 Page Article Tag and Page Structure Tags]

Warning: the “address” tag should NOT be used for arbitrary address that has nothing to do with the author or page owner.

Browsers does not render the 「address」 tag in any special way.

Here's how your browser renders it:

Contact Jane Lee.
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