HTML: Image Tag

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The image tag img is used to embed a image.


<img src="i/tile_A.png" />

browser shows:

The most common image file formats supported by browsers are jpg png svg .

img tag Attibutes

Optional. A text description for the blind.
Optional. Width of image in pixels.
Optional. Height of image in pixels.
“source set”. For alternate image file sources. New around 2017.

srcset attribute

The srcset attribute is for inline image that has multiple versions each with different size or image quality, for browser to chose a right one for user's device (e.g. on home computer with huge screen or on mobile phone with tiny screen). It is invented sometimes around 2015.

Value is list of items, separated by comma, each is of the form:

path DensityOrWidth

The DensityOrWidth is optional.

DensityOrWidth is either a “density”, of the form 1x, 2x, 3x, etc., or a width such as 800w, 1000w, 2000w .


<img src="cat.jpg"
cat_small.jpg 1x,
cat_mid.png 2x,
cat_big.png 3x"

HTML image tags