CM Storm NovaTouch keyboard

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This came out in September, 2014. The selling point of this keyboard is that it is the first keyboard using the famous Topre Switch of Happy Hacking Keyboard fame, yet with a Cherry MX compatible stem so it's easy to buy fancy keycaps made by others.

CM Storm NovaTouch TKL keyboard 02929
CM Storm NovaTouch TKL keyboard. Buy at amazon
Cooler Master CM Storm NovaTouch TKL Keyboard Overview: Topre Switches, Cherry MX Keycap Compatible!
Nov 3, 2014
Joanne Tech Lover
CM Storm NovaTouch TKL keyboard key switch closeup 55045
key switch closeup.
CM Storm NovaTouch TKL keyboard switch 42394 CM Storm NovaTouch TKL keyboard switch 49653
Hybrid Capacitive switch (aka Topre Switch). Modified stem so it's compatible with Cherry MX, so that you can easily buy fancy keycaps. [see Cute Keycaps]
cm novatouch tkl barebone keyboard 74348
Topre key switch-2
Topre Switch

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CM Storm NovaTouch keyboard Buy at amazon

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