CM Storm NovaTouch keyboard

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CM Storm NovaTouch TKL keyboard 02929
CM Storm NovaTouch TKL keyboard. Topre Switch. CM Storm NovaTouch Keyboard
hhkb topre switch 36984
CM Storm NovaTouch TKL keyboard key switch closeup 55045
key switch closeup. CM Storm NovaTouch Keyboard
CM Storm NovaTouch TKL keyboard switch 42394 CM Storm NovaTouch TKL keyboard switch 49653
Hybrid Capacitive switch (aka Topre Switch). Modified stem so it's compatible with Cherry MX, so that you can easily buy fancy keycaps. [see Artistic Keycap Gallery]
cm novatouch tkl barebone keyboard 74348
CM Storm NovaTouch Keyboard

See also: Guide to Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms

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