Corsair K60 Keyboard

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The Corsair K60 Keyboard came out around September 2011.

Corsair K60 keyboard
Corsair K60 keyboard. (The orange buttons are add-on key-caps for gamers). Buy at amazon

This is EXCELLENT in quality, but some points are not so good.

First, the 2 major bad things:

Bad Points

  1. One common complain is that the key labels wears off easily.
  2. The following keys use rubber dome switch: F1 to F12, Escape, PrintScreen, ScrollLock, Pause/Break, Insert, Delete ⌦, Home, End, PageUp, PageDown.

This keyboard is really heavy. It doesn't have fancy features or extra keys, but the most important aspect of keyboard, the key mechanism, is top-notch.

The key switch mechanism is Cherry MX Red. (linear feel, no click, light press) [see Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms]

The keyboard is also of the highest quality. The keyboard's chassis is actually brush aluminum. Real metal. (you can crack a skull with it)

Corsair K60 keyboard 57178
Buy at amazon
“Corsair Vengeance K60 Review”
Corsair keyboard cable
Corsair keyboard braided cable.

It seems to require 2 USB ports. However, the keyboard also has a USB port (pass-thru, not hub). According to their tech support post on amazon, the second USB is for the purpose of the pass-thru port.

Corsair K60 keyboard back
The back of the keyboard, showing the USB port, and the Windows Lock key (it prevents the ❖ Window key from activation.).

The 20 Key Roll-over (20KRO) on USB is quite interesting. A normal PC keyboard has problem registering certain combination of 3 or more keys held down simultaneously. Majority of USB-based gaming keyboard, has special circuitry so that they can register 6 keys simultaneously. But 6 is the typical maximum, due to USB protocol. Here, they took care of this issue, and allows 20 key key-rollover over USB. [see N-key Rollover and Ghosting]

Love the drum roller sound level controller.

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