Corsair K60 Keyboard

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The Corsair K60 Keyboard came out around September 2011.

Corsair K60 keyboard gkY2-s1300
Corsair K60 keyboard [photo from Meercreate 2021-10-18] 4580×2728
Corsair K60 keyboard
Corsair K60 keyboard. (The orange buttons are addon keycaps for gamers). Buy at amazon

This is EXCELLENT in quality, but some points are not so good.

First, the 2 major bad things:

Bad Points

This keyboard is really heavy. It doesn't have fancy features or extra keys, but the most important aspect of keyboard, the key mechanism, is top-notch.

The key switch mechanism is Cherry MX Red. (linear feel, no click, light press) [see Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms]

The keyboard is also of the highest quality. The keyboard's chassis is actually brush aluminum. Real metal. (you can crack a skull with it)

Corsair Vengeance K60 Review
Dec 31, 2011
Corsair keyboard cable
Corsair keyboard braided cable.

It seems to require 2 USB ports. However, the keyboard also has a USB port (pass-thru, not hub). According to their tech support post on amazon, the second USB is for the purpose of the pass-thru port.

Corsair K60 keyboard back
The back of the keyboard, showing the USB port, and the Windows Lock key (it prevents the ❖ Window key from activation.).

The 20 Key Roll-over (20KRO) on USB is quite interesting. A normal computer keyboard has problem registering certain combination of 3 or more keys held down simultaneously. Majority of USB-based gaming keyboard, has special circuitry so that they can register 6 keys simultaneously. But 6 is the typical maximum, due to USB protocol. Here, they took care of this issue, and allows 20 key key-rollover over USB. [see Max Number of Simultaneous Key-Press (N-key Rollover, NKRO, Ghosting)]

Love the drum roller sound level controller.

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